Wisconsin Alcohol/Drug Treatment Providers Association


WADTPA is a trade association of state-certified

organizations that provide alcohol and drug treatment services.

WADTPA exists to support its member organizations and to create

a favorable business and political climate in which these

provider organizations can thrive.

What We


We believe that addiction is a primary chronic

healthcare problem that deserves, and often requires, specialized

treatment in order to restore affected individuals to health,

functionality and serenity. Specialty treatment for addiction

utilizes the skills of specially trained healthcare professionals.

Organizations providing specialty treatment for addiction

support collaboration with general healthcare service providers,

mental health service providers and social service providers

in identifying persons in need of addictive treatment, offering

them comprehensive services to support recovery from addiction,

and promoting their optimal functioning as members of their

families and communities.

What We


  • Provide a forum for collegial networking

    regarding the best clinical practices and the best business

    practices in addiction service delivery.

  • Communicate with member organizations about

    timely clinical, technological and public policy issues

    relevant to addiction treatment.

  • Secure recognition of addiction treatment

    and its value among employers and public policymakers.

  • Promote professionalism among addiction practitioners.
  • Assure access for the citizens of Wisconsin

    to high quality, effective, evidence-based specialty treatment

    for alcohol and other drug problems.


of Membership


Through quarterly educational programs, WADTPA members

learn the latest information about key issues affecting AODA

treatment. Programs address common concerns such as:

  • Managed care
  • Uniform placement criteria
  • Program certification
  • Reimbursement
  • Gender responsive programming
  • Ethics in healthcare
  • Public policy
  • Outcome measures
  • Staff training
  • Residential programming
  • Advocacy


WADTPA has an active Public Policy committee dedicates to

responding to legislation affecting AODA services.

WADTPA links treatment providers with insurers,

policymakers and the public and is an active supporter of

the Wisconsin Alliance for Addiction Public Policy and Education



Throughout the year, WADTPA members meet to learn, share and

exchange information.


to Join WADTPA

To join Wisconsin’s AODA treatment providers

association, contact the WADTPA office:

WADTPA: Wisconsin Alcohol/Drug Treatment Providers


6601 Grand Teton Plaza, Suite A

Madison, WI 53719

Toll-free: 800-787-9979

Phone: 608-276-3400

Fax: 608-276-3402

E-mail: [email protected]

Membership dues are $300 annually. You will

receive all the benefits listed here in addition to a copy

of the WADTPA Code of Ethics, timely legislative updates and

a subscription to The Voice-the quarterly newsletter of the

Wisconsin Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (WAAODA).


View current membership

WADTPA Board Members:

Dennis Reichelt (President)

All Saints Healthcare System

[email protected]

Vacancy (Vice President)

Pat Ryan (Treasurer)


[email protected]

Sheila Weix (Secretary)

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services of St. Joseph Hospital

Kathy Belland

All Saints Healthcare Systems

Murl MacKinnon

Rogers Memorial Hospital

Program administrators working together to set the standard

of care in Wisconsin