The Management Institute

Last year, as part of our development of the Management Institute, we had sent out a survey to 60 treatment providers (Executives, CEOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and some middle managers)querying them on 13 AODA Management issues. We had them choose 6 out of 13 issues, rating these on a Likert scale ( most important to least important). There were 30 respondents to that survey. From those responses, we developed the 6 topics that were presented in the Management Institute at our 2004 Conference.

For the Management Institute in 2005, we are building on the issues that were addressed as topics in the Institute last year. WAAODA presents intensive and highly interactive training for no more than 40 top-level executives, directors, and program managers, covering crucial management issues in an six-hour seminar/focus group format:

? A Cultural Competence Plan for Your Treatment Facility
? How to Introduce Innovative Practices
? Maximizing Resource Development for Small Agencies
? Leadership in Transition

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