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AFRA’s mission is to bring people of Wisconsin together to end stigma and discrimination against persons with addiction and to show, through education and advocacy, that recovery is a reality.

Who are we?

AFRA was created in January 2003 with start-up money from the Wisconsin Bureau of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services. AFRA is working in partnership and housed within WAAODA.

AFRA is a statewide membership organization that embraces people who want to be recovery advocates. We want friends, family members, all people, whether in recovery or not. We want YOU!

What are our goals?

• Stigma reduction through education within thegeneral community
• Show people that recovery is real by putting a face to recovery
• Advocacy issues
• Improving access to treatment
• Recovery celebrations
• Represent diversity in out membership
• Become a self-sustaining organization within three years
• Provide resources for friends and family members

How to join AFRA?

For membership inquiries, please call WAAODA at 608.276.3400 or 800.787.9979 or email them at [email protected]. Cost of membership for 2004 is $10.00. Also, please click here to fill out a general interest survey.

Note: We do not advocate nor intend that anyone break their anonymity or divulge their association with a 12-step program.

For more information:
6601 Grand Teton Plaza– Suite A
Madison, WI 53719-1180 US
Email: [email protected]
(608) 276-3400
(800) 787-9979
Fax: (608) 276-3402

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